Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is your Authorized SparkLAN Distributor

SparkLAN is a worldwide leader in wireless networking solutions, with products covering wireless embedded modules, wireless networking devices, and solutions for M2M connectivity for industries including: 

Networking  |  Security  |  Transportation  
Industrial Automation  |  Medical Applications  |  Military Applications

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SparkLAN IoT Applications

SparkLAN modules offer the power to connect any sensor to any networking technology. Their product offerings include:


AP Specialized Modules  |  SiP Modules  |  LoRa Modules 
Mini-PCIE Modules
M.2 Modules  |   USB Modules  |  PCIe Modules  |  SDIO Modules  |  PCI Modules


Including the following options:

1T1R  |  2T1R  |  3T3R  |  4T4R   |  6174A Series
98xx Series  |  Android   |  BT5.0  |  High Power  |  Industrial Grade
WiFi + BT Combo  |  WiFi 4  |  WiFi 5  |  WiFi 6


Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is pleased to offer the full range of SparkLAN Modules!

SparkLAN WiFi SiP Modules

For Embedded IoT Applications with Broadcom Solution
SparkLAN AP6345SD.png

For embedded IoT applications needing a Broadcom chipset,

Sparklan has launched its SiP modules (available in 12x12mm and 13x15mm), ideal for:

Smartphones  |  Tablets  |  Set-top Boxes  |  Digital Televisions  |  PC Products  | 
Small Form Factor Products requiring low-power connectivity solutions


SparkLAN modules provide unmatched connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things.

SparkLAN SDIO in M.2 

First SDIO in M.2 Formfactor with Wi-Fi 6 Specs

SparkLAN's new WNFB-266AXI(BT) is a WLAN 802.11ax (WiFi 6) SDIO M.2 2230 (KEY E) Module, and the first to offer a tradional SDIO SiP form factor with WiFi 6 technology using the M.2 industrial standard.
This design allows the platform to integrate SDIO with "plug and play" convenience, significantly reducing design time and offering a perfect solution for small volume projects.

SparkLAN SDIO in M.2.jpg