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MOXA Industrial Networking, Computing, and Automation Solutions

Moxa provides a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, computing, and automation, and maintains a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Moxa IoT, industrial network infrastructure, industrial computing, and industrial edge connectivity products have connected over 30 million devices worldwide in a wide range of applications, including:

Factory Automation  |  Smart Rail  |  Smart Grid
Intelligent Transportation
Oil & Gas  |  Marine  |  Mining

By continually improving staff expertise in a variety of technologies and markets, Moxa aims to be the first choice for industrial automation solutions.

EDS-2000-EL Series

Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

  • Small form factors that fit most machines and cabinets

  • QoS and BSP configuration by DIP switch

  • Reliable durability with high EMC resistance

  • Easy installation with DIN-rail mounting

  • 10/100BaseTX/FX supported

  • -40 to 75°C wide operating temperature range (-T models)

  • Metal housing options:

  • Plastic housing options


Industrial Firewalls

Moxa EDR-810 Series Secure Routers

8 FE copper + 2 GbE SFP multiport
industrial secure router

Industrial firewalls are designed to filter unsafe industrial communication protocols without compromising network performance.

Moxa’s EDR series provides integrated cyber security solutions that combine firewall, VPN, router, and L2 switching functions into one product specifically designed for automation networks. 

Moxa EDR-810 Series Features and Benefits
  •  8+2G all-in-one firewall/NAT/VPN/router/switch

  •  Secure remote access tunnel with VPN

  •  Stateful firewall protects critical assets

  •  Inspect industrial protocols with PacketGuard technology

  •  Easy network setup with Network Address Translation (NAT)

  •  RSTP/Turbo Ring redundant protocol enhances network redundancy

  •  -40 to 75°C operating temperature range (-T model)

  •  Security features based on IEC 62443/NERC CIP

  •  Check firewall settings with intelligent SettingCheck feature


A Smarter I/O through Daisy-Chained Ethernet 

A new daisy-chained Ethernet I/O concept is now available. The ioLogik E1240 industrial Ethernet remote I/O has two embedded Ethernet switch ports that allow information to flow to another local Ethernet device or connect to the next ioLogik in the daisy-chain.

Applications such as factory automation, security and surveillance systems, and tunnel monitoring, can make use of daisy-chained Ethernet for building multi-drop I/O networks over standard Ethernet cables.

Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT

The UC-8112-ME-T series is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. It can leverage the Microsoft reference configuration and has been tested to work with Microsoft Azure IOT services for your industrial IoT applications. 

  • -40°C to 70°C wide temperature range with LTE enabled

Learn about Moxa's IIoT Edge Gateway Models

Accelerate OT-IT Integration in Your IIoT with ThingsPro™ Suite

Watch this video to learn how Moxa’s ThingsPro Suite can help you simplify your large-scale IIoT deployments. 

Learn more about the ThingsPro Suite

Useful Moxa Tools

Easily mass-configure many Moxa devices using the CLI-type Mass Device Configuration Tool


Moxa + Ignition™

IIoT Gateways with Ignition Edge Onboard™

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to get data from remote equipment is to use a Moxa IIoT gateway with Ignition Edge Onboard™. Many users like the convenience of having it already pre-installed and licensed when they purchase their hardware.

With a Moxa gateway, you get proven industrial-grade hardware and robust built-in communication features including Verizon™ and AT&T™ LTE connectivity. With Ignition Edge Onboard™, you get a powerful platform for PLC data collection within a modern MQTT or Ignition™ architecture. 

The full spectrum of Moxa Industrial Solutions

Industrial Network Infrastructure:

Ethernet Switches

Secure Routers

Wireless AP/Bridge/Client

Cellular Gateways/Routers/Modems

Ethernet Media Converters

Network Management Software

Secure Remote Access

Network Security Appliance

Industrial Edge Connectivity:

Serial Device Servers

Serial Converters

Protocol Gateways

USB-to-Serial Converters/USB Hubs

Multiport Serial Boards

Controllers & I/Os

IP Cameras & Video Servers

OPC UA Software

Industrial Computing:

x86 Computers

Arm-Based Computers

Panel Computers & Displays

System Software

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