Mid-Atlantic Rugged Systems is your Authorized Distributor for Handheld Rugged Mobile Computers

Handheld Group specializes in rugged handhelds and tablets with ingress protection of IP65 or more. The Handheld tablets and small form factor product lines are designed to provide high strength and performance for demanding field applications in industries including:

Agriculture  |  Construction  |  Government
Industrial Manufacturing
Military  |  Mining  |  Oil & Gas
Public Transportation
Road & Railway  |  Utilities

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NAUTIZ X41 Rugged Handheld

Handheld Group's Compact, Rugged Mobile Products

Small Form Factor Rugged Handhelds

Nautiz X41 Rugged Scanner

Nautiz X6 Ultra-Rugged Android


Nautiz X9 Outdoor-Rugged PDA

Nautiz X2 Optimized Rugged Handheld

Nautiz X8 Sunlight-Viewable Capacitive Touchscreen

Rugged Tablets

Algiz RT8 Ultra-Rugged Android Tablet

Algiz 8X Field Computing Portable Computer

Algiz 10X Harsh Weather Rugged Tablet

Algiz RT7 Heavyweight Field Ops Device

Algiz RT7 ETicket Mobile


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